Outcome: Research Agenda

Some questions to ask and answer through further research:

  • What is the value of doing research to teachers?
  • Does it promote autonomy when teachers do research?
  • How do differences at the macro level affect the implementation of teachers as researchers policies? e.g. What are the differences between England and Scotland in how teachers as researchers has been implemented?
  • Is practitioner research really valued? Who is it valued by? Teachers? Headteachers? Academics?
  • What different value systems are at work and influence how teachers can engage with research? How do the agendas of the institution and the individual compare?
  • What is teacher research? Do you have to be doing a research project yourself to count as ‘teacher as researcher’? What different relationships do/can teachers have with research?
  • What about teaching assistants doing research? How are they placed to do educational research? Are they support to do research?
  • Is there a social split between teachers with the freedom to do research and teachers in challenged schools who do not have this freedom?
  • What about the teachers who aren’t involved in research? How do they feel towards the teachers who are conducting research? How do they feel towards this research?