Participant Profiles

Mona Sakr
Lecturer in Education and Early Childhood
My interest in Teachers as Researchers stems from involvement in a range of informal projects working with local early years practitioners to develop their observation and reflection skills. I have a particular interest in teachers’ use of digital technologies to aid collaborative reflection and research.

Christine Edwards-Leis
Senior Lecturer Education, Programme Director Research
I work with Masters and Doctoral students who are undertaking research in various aspects of education.  I am concerned about the capacity of their research to have an impact on practice and therefore their perception of the value of such research.  This is particularly significant as they move forward after their degree and the extent to which they influence their peers to participate in research with or without formal qualifications.

Natalia Kucirkova
Senior Lecturer in Early Years & Childhood Studies at Manchester Metropolitan University
I’m interested in Teachers as Researchers projects which include the use of digital technologies, particularly the use of a range of media (video, audio, texts) and tablet apps. I have worked with early years teachers on small-scale projects focused on reading, writing and media literacy.

Carey Philpott
Professor of Teacher Education at Leeds Beckett University
My interest in teachers as researchers overlaps with my interest in evidence-based teaching and the power relationships and hierarchies of knowledge that this can imply in practice.  I think it is important that teachers are seen as, and see themselves as, producers of knowledge and that we all understand that evidence for teaching can be context specific.  At the same time I am concerned that teacher research is not just narrowly focused on technical questions of classroom implementation.  I am currently starting a (small) research project called STaRs (Student Teachers as Researchers) which aims to understand (some of) the factors that enable and inhibit student teachers to see themselves as researchers and to engage in research.  The first stage will look at questions of identity and conceptions of research and researchers.
Lecture on evidence-based teaching and teachers’ agency here:

Ana Cabral
Research Fellow, University of Greenwich
My interest in Teachers as Researchers stems from involvement in a range of research projects working with primary and secondary schools developing action-research projects about their practice.

Moira Brazil
Teaching on UG and PG ITE programmes (including Core PG and Schools Direct programmes) at Roehampton University
I am preparing a new module on Multilingual Classroom Practices (Working title) for our MA in Educational Practice and am interested in ensuring the assessment includes class teacher action research (audience: NQTs through to those in the beginning years of their career)

Ashley Brett
Senior Lecturer in Primary Mathematics and Professional Studies, University of Greenwich
My interest in Teachers as Researchers stems from my involvement as a consultant in a range of local authority projects working with primary practitioners and leadership teams to reflect on practice and refine their approaches.  I have also had involvement as a deputy head in learning networks and research projects into school improvement.  I am supporting Professor Andrew Lambirth, at the University of Greenwich, with a consortium of local action research hubs for class teachers who are working towards Masters credits.  My doctoral research is in how primary school leaders might support school improvement through transformative learning opportunities for their staff.  This study had relevance for leadership teams, and current or aspiring teacher practitioners.

Tremaine Baker
Professional Role: Senior Lecturer (Practice) in Secondary Teacher Education
 I have a general interest developing teaching as a research profession, and am considering a range of possibilities for conducting my own educational research, in order to begin my doctoral studies. In particular, I am interested in how far the education system can benefit from either ‘teachers as researchers’ or’ teachers being research literate’.

Gabrielle Cliff Hodges
Senior Lecturer in Education, University of Cambridge Faculty of Education
I’m very interested in the way teaching and research intersect. I work with Secondary English PGCE student-teachers as well as Masters and PhD students. They all engage in researching different aspects of English in schools and classrooms. An interesting issue to explore is how teachers who undertake research develop their pedagogy. I have recently published a book exploring these ideas: Cliff Hodges, G. (2016) Researching and teaching reading: Developing pedagogy through critical enquiry. London: Routledge.